About Zhuhai/珠海

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Zhuhai city, guangdong province under the jurisdiction of prefecture-level city, pearl river delta central city, southeast coastal important scenic tourist city [1]. Located in the southwest of the pearl river estuary in guangdong province, east and Hong Kong are adjacent to each other. The south is connected with Macao, and the new area of jiangmen city in the west is adjacent to zhongshan city, and the north of the city.

The early han dynasty was the jurisdiction of the south. In the sixth year of the reign of han yuan (111 B.C.), it was administered by panyu county until the eastern han dynasty. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was part of the pearl river region, and in 1952, it belonged to the guangdong province. In 1959, it was withdrawn into zhongshan county. In April 1961, the establishment of zhuhai county was restored and the county government was stationed in xiangzhou. In March 1979, it was changed to zhuhai city. In November, it was renamed provincial municipality.