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Welcome A. prof. WeiHong Wang from Xinjiang Agriculture University to be committee menber!


A. prof. WeiHong Wang from Xinjiang Agriculture University, China

Research Area:

Sewage Treatment and Resource Utilization,having been focused on the research of Aerobic granular sludge  

Research Experience:

A. prof. WeiHong Wang graduated from school of environmental engineering, chang 'an university in 1990, majoring in water supply and drainage, bachelor of engineering.In 2003, he graduated from the school of resources and environment,  xinjiang agricultural university with a master's degree .Engaged in teaching and research in the field of environmental engineering and sewage treatment. In recent years, she has presided over 1 national natural science foundation project on resource utilization of sewage treatment equipment, participated in 1 project, presided over and completed 1 national science and technology support program project of ministry of science and technology, and 3 regional sewage treatment projects.He has published more than 26 papers on environmental microorganism, sewage treatment and water resource protection, and one patent.